Sunday, 19 June 2011

Felt pattern try-out.


So HI. Im back with less heavy writing. 
Dah dah lah tu update benda heavy intan, heavy ye bukan emo :P

Saya cuti. Saya bosan. Dan saya mula buat kerja yang membosan kan utk tidak bosan?
Psyco kan? Abang selalu cakap, 
" Kak serius tak bosan ke buat kerja ni?" 
" Omg sebab kakak bosan lah kakak buat ni. Duhh"

 From left to right: 
1st- Heart with my initials
2nd- Blue elephant
3rd- Red owl.

4th- Froggy

Actually dah lama dah nak try buat felt pattern ni, inspired by a friend who i can say much pro than me. Hi Syafiqah! :D
Im a medical student, who which we basically dont have time for all this thing when the sem has started, well basically bila sem baru masuk, semua orang hanya akan fikir study dan revision. TRUST ME. i hate to say this, but yeah WE ARE NERDS. and nerds are hot? haha :P

So why not maximise this holiday by trying something new.
" When was the last time you do something for the first time?"

So this is not a tutorial. Im far away from someone who qualified for that. But this is something you can try for fun. Serius senang gila. And this is how i do it :) 

This is basically what you need, felt cloth. Okay to be honest, i dont know where else to find it beside Daiso.  Its the Japan store which have everything sells in it. Suka gila Daiso :D I got mine from Daiso OU. Basically Daiso ada dekat OU, Curve and IOI mall. 


I bought the mini kit, which only have 5 colours in it. And also you need yur sewing basic kit.
Next decide on the pattern. Since im sincerely not talented in drawing anything, so I Google image my pattern ;)

For example: this Froggy. Okay next, cut the design on the felt according to the colour.
Kalau nak jadi kan dia mcm plushie or stuffed toy. Make it two.
But if you want to just sew it on other cloth or bag or whatever it is, then one side would be enough. Faham kan? T.T

Then cut the other necessary part on its respective colour.
Alright, for the extra part other than the body, sew it with its original colour to make the sewing less obvious.
OR secara simple nya, kalau mata tu warna putih jahit lah dengan benang putih and cheeck dia merah.
Tapi actually its all depends on daya seni dan kreativiti masing-masing. Hah, secara skema nya.

For the black eyes and lips, since aku tkde felt warna hitam, so aku just jahit je guna benang sebab memang simple je. And to close the two piece together, for those who learn ERT time sekolah menengah, guna lah jahitan insang pari. ok confirm tak tahu kan. haha. Okay yes i know :P
So to learn more, just click on this Youtube, cute video. And Syafiqah pun ada buat tutorial. Bagus kan? :P

Okay, kalau dah jahit about 3/4 of the plushie, then its time to stuff it with the cotton wool.
Basically, aku hanya guna cotton wool yang korang duk guna utk sapu facial toner tu ye ;)
Then jahit lah smpai habis. Okay itu macam tak payah bagi tahu pun macam duhhhh kan? Ye okay.

And, the end product basically senang kan? This is just the basic design.
Seriously, try and learn a lot more from Youtube and Google kalau rasa macam banyak gila masa nak spend tak tahu nak buat apa.

And today i baked my own choc chips cookies for THE FIRST TIME. Yeahh lame.
If rajin, i'll just blog it out. Azri, please simpan rahsia noob baking experience aku okay?



Siti Nursyafiqah said...

HAHA. good job, intan. :DD

intan.nur.hadilah said...

@syafiqah: HAHA. thanks cikguuuu

Azri Jasni said...

Rahsia baking experience kau? hhahah. ;p

intan.nur.hadilah said...

@azri: HA HA? Yes babe. cukup cukup lah kau buli aku :(

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