Thursday, 16 June 2011

Insignificantly Significant Dad.


16th June; a special day dedicated to the fathers. A Happy Father Day.

And talking bout father, hurmmm.. To be honest, for me all this may not be as significant as how i would talk bout my mother. I may not have the best dad in the world like most of them would call their dad are.

Maybe he didn't really know whats my grades were for my exam.
Maybe he didn't wish my birthday every year.
Maybe he didn't asked or call asking me how was my day.
Maybe we dont talk that much.
Maybe sometimes i cant accept his habit of spending too much money on gadget.
Or maybe sometimes he was not there to decide for me for any life decision making i have to made.

One day, a friend told me something that  make me think deep,

Dulu aku selalu sabar je lah dengan apa yg jadi dalam hidup aku. Sabar sabar sabar. Tapi kita manusia biasa, satu masa kita akan reach jugak level maximum sabar tu. We are normal human being. But my mum told me, cuba instead of bersabar je, kita bersyukur. Bersyukur and look those things that make you feel down in another way round.

You might not see this in the way i see it, but its really changes the way i see things.

Papa may not be there for me every single time or knows everything things that are  happening in my life. But I remember how he use to,

Teach me how to ride my bicycle without the training wheels when I was small.
Sent me back and fetch me from Shah Alam every weekend.
Even sent me to Vista early in Monday morning and deal with all those traffic jam just because i dont prefer going back too early on Sunday night.
How he used to joke around, indeed he's a funny guy behind that silent personality.
How he used to buy whatever we want just because mama wont let us. He would say yes to everything.

Perhaps maybe i dont have the best dad in the world, or the best dad anyone could ever have.
But i would thank HIM for the chance in life of living with a guy that i call as my father.
Perhaps i dont deserve one. Asking yourself, "Are you a good daughter at the first place?"

Living yourself in regret and frustration is such a waste. Hate the sin not the sinner.

Papa, for whatever it is, i would always love you. And please dont stop loving me.
Happy Fathers Day ♥

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