Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tak semua kau rancang akan berlaku -Penakut

Blogwalking and saw this on a friend's blog, Mariam Diyana :)
Listen to it, and instantly get stuck by it.

So basically whats make you stuck and keep listening to a song? And i was wondering.
Is it the melody of the song itself? the hot singer or band? or actually the lyrics seems significant to you?
As for me, when im stuck to a song, i will keep playing it for God-knows-how-many-times per day :D

Its been a week and more, i've been stuck with

Significantly addicted to and........ Adam Levine hot. The End.

AZRI is coming back to Malaysia in 9 days counting :D
Come to think, it feels great to be the last one standing here in Malaysia where you get to meet the bestfriends when they are back.
 [ well, in the most optimistic way x) ]

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