Friday, 31 July 2009

if you think its funny, its just you.

I’m just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don’t know where to go, can’t do it alone
I’ve tried and I don’t know why

Slow it down, make it stop or else my heart is going to pop
’Cause it’s too much, yeah it’s a lot to be something I’m not
I’m a fool out of love ’cause I just can’t get enough

I’m just a little girl lost in the moment
I’m so scared but I don’t show it
I can’t figure it out, it’s bringing me down
I know I’ve got to let it go and just enjoy the show

The sun is hot in the sky just like a giant spotlight
The people follow the signs and synchronize in time
It’s a joke nobody knows, they’ve got a ticket to the show

Thursday, 30 July 2009

melawati, apa khabar?

im stil awake now
at this time.very seldomly,i get to stay dis late.
ouh wel.dere's no particular test tomrow.
im juz exploring new stuffs in d net
started to play.some fb games
typing maniac and crazy taxi.
but i perform better 4 typing maniac.crazy taxi sush r! urghh.hate those taxis..
im controlling myself tho.not wanting to b addicted
life wil b difficult if im in dat condition ryte
so,yea.chem test is up afta 2weeks time.
nxt week.
wuld b d handing-in assignmnts.
ouh PQA test also.
my hurricane presentation.
ouhhh.bout d uniS.motivated now.
dere r still more callings ryte.
so,sarah hani shud better buck up 4 finals.
n get over those 1st calling interviews
ayte better get goinn now.
new stalkers;

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

dan lapan pagi.

checklist pertama: bangun pagi dan keluar jogging. (checked!)

- nak bangun ke tak. BIG dilemma. okay,intan satu pagi ni jek.
AT LEAST,you'll back to intec next week knowing something on the checklist had been done.

-out from the house. jalan jam. its tuesday morning. what im expecting.

-still somewhere far from titiwangsa. i know. saja jek nak gi jauh jauh. yes yes, if jogging kt melawati jek dah boleh dapat 10 round. ehh suka hati lah,tak nak jogging kt tempat ramai org familiar :P

-woot. im here! :D started 'walking'. ohh ada org shooting drama. 'is that emelda?' ohh yes,emelda. emelda jek pun. adlin aman ramli tak kelihatan. perjalanan di teruskan.
-met some very friendly malaysian otw: 'pagi cik adik', 'ehh jogging ke?'

- ahh based on the timer, i've been walking non-stop for 45 minutes :D ohh did i mention non-stop? :P
-SARAH.kenapa lah kau tak cuti :(

but i had four 'it-will-be-much-fun-to-have-you-too' pictures! :)

- bought green tea at 7e. and went home. had my lunch 30 minutes after that :D

p.s: second mission on the checklist is on its way. tunggu eh cik sarah.
ohh yeah,IMISSYOU babe.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

dear earthlings;

thank you YASMIN AHMAD :)

death is inevitable.just be prepared

we will always miss your great screenplay;

"And in the end, its this small thing that u remember, little imperfections that make them perfect for you."

Friday, 24 July 2009


dear diary,
*dats wut i did in eng class tday.pouring out emotions 4 love ones.haha :)

moving on.tday,i ended my class early.nt having lunch as im looking 4ward 4 mcD ;) but intan..seems..silence? hm.
dis week.i had my DI n m3 test.intrview 4 newcstle.dats d importnt ones.but d most interesting one, wuld b d part when i did a pencuri tart; i am sorry ;) *but to othrs,never repeat.Allah pay back cash do ;)*
so yea, i'l b in mlwati dis weeknd.tompok,im home!:D


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

jom comel belanja.

*post ini mungkin hanya akan di fahami oleh sarah hani dan intan nur hadilah sahaja*

"hot hot, jom friday ni comel belanja mcD. mcD jek.haha."

dah lama tk post something. everything was just normal.
ohh yeah,on monday. heard a very shocking,quite embarrassing bad rumours. sighh.
*certainly people, im not his EX. and im NOT engaged. duhhh*

p.s : seriously nak jumpa nadia, azri and the rest. last but not least. Yazmir! :D

>*end of post*

Monday, 20 July 2009


morning blog :)
its early opening of d week.i cant sleep.dere's smething which makes me anxious.something in d near future dat i wuld not want to meet bt i hav to. smething which has to be faced b4 d week ends.
ouhh wel.its tyme to face d fact.d reality.d hardship.dere's no easy way out in life,ryte.and i persevere thru dis.i'll recieve my reward at d end :)
ok 4 nw,bye bye

Saturday, 18 July 2009

rasa banyak rasa back 2 post smething 4 d weeknd.
past week,i was nt dat im juz nt realy in d mood to type much
so, i am
on a saturdy
in d in nt back in mlwati dis weeknd
i hav dis event 4,im involved.
so,yea.highlights of my week.last 3 days.i had IA 4 ESL.
haha.d exam was so tough,end up becoming a funny its so ridiculous of us,scholar ppl,to...hurm.. :) haishh.v r still humans ok :] *sorry ms more after this :)
talking bout past week dramas too.haish..uniS r starting email-ing ppl who got their uni,it was kinda depressing to noe many stuffs.i didn't get a few uniS.leaving me wif hurm 5 wif d smallest probabilities dere r.haishh :(
dis thurs,is my newcastle interview.hopefully i culd learnt 4rm wut i did 4 my monash.n polish n get things btter 4 dis thurs..Ya Alllah,less nervous plleeassee :]
so,i'll be here in subang jaya.getting myself prepared 4 my upcming is much needed now ;)
mving on off dat..i heard.dis blog.has sme new stalkers.hee.thankyou,thank you.keep on stalking ok.hope v entertain some ways ;)
so, intan nur hadilah.anything u here ok :)

*i will always be open for many more individuals from everywhere but not replacing the stereotype i found*

dunt be cunning.but always be filial ;)

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


monday morning started great. A junior guy gave me his seat in the bus. and he's cute. so yeah, GREAT morning :D

that morning, we had our new english lecturer fr the sem. Mrs.Kireen.
as we introduced ourselves, she asked ' is medicine your first choice?'
everyone seems to answer. 'yes,its always be my first choice' with confidence. etc etc.
and i was the ONLY one. who answered 'sort of..~~'
and she had this reaction, OMG,you have to say yes.
cause it never be my first choice YET. yeahh i know.

tuesday: seems long enough to stay.i get mad easily.
and its soo obvious. awkward moment.
maybe its the hormone. or maybe its the people.
and there were questionmarks every where. started to wondering things with WHY.

dear Almighty,
im sorry for my stupidity. but i cant stop the curiousity.
i know there are GREAT reasons behind these. and one day, im gonna find out.

but the best part is, i know
there are special humanS. who will try their very best to cheer me up.


Sunday, 12 July 2009

tribute to the video ;)

*beware of this long postt*
ouh wow. it has been so long since i posted a post bout my not dat busy 4 d last week.its juz dat, i dunt hav d urge to type alott ;)
last weeknd.i went to perak :) my cousin got married.

d whole last so cranky with the juniors.dey r juz everywher.kacau je :[ taylors is so over-populated.many must die.*as noted by the evolution theory x)*
ther r tests coming im stil nt on my feet 4 them.i cant hold on tight to my stats yett.d IA for ESL is coming.dis wednsdyy..haishh.*usaha sarah hani.kalau nak naik kapal terbang*
ouh wany's birthday was last week too.had a blast dat nyte.v were laughing like mad.girls.heh.zaty n ziqah pressie was d realy suit wany n her character ;D
my handphone is sick.yett to be admitted to d hospital.many had asked me to juz get a new im stil wif my decision,4 new hp.unless i fly.such a good good as gold ;]
ouhh! last week also,i had my sketch.SOUND OF group had to take on d longest,most imaginative text..the took us a week to prepare them.there's this prop..a metal path which is six inches above the ground.try to imagine that.but v end up laying newspaper on the simen floor to describe it ;) ou wel.v tried.heh.i was d officer in d sketch.i was nervous.the usual me.end up,i had to bring my script infront..haih ;)
not to forget.last week,ther was dis one day.when i got the chance to talk to stand in d bus very near to you.seronok wei! :D n wen d nyte comes..went lepak-ing with fakha.kat mamak lvl1 je.he promised me a milo ais ;) lots of stuffs to catch up.
ouh last week juga.i potrayed a -budak belah tepi- look ;)

dari sudut pandangan budak pandai ;p

birthday along todayy! happy twenty-one wei.aiman n i planned smething 4 didn't hav d guts to do it live.haha.nway.happy birthday again! come home.n i belanja cream at swensens v share ;p

*hold on...
u'll b back only during d fasting monthh!
yeay! ;)

and yea..what am i waiting for if d truth is laid in front of me already..mayb its juz d culture and d fear of acceptance? hm.dere's d tyme :)

conclusion: i feel grand as my day passes by.and i think.i was busy ;)

*told u is a veryy long post*

Sunday, 5 July 2009

16th may till 5th july.

hari ini tamat lah sudah cuti semester. yeayy!,said sarah hani.

*smiley face*
this holiday seems so looong i dont know why.
im surely gonna MISS:

1. waking up around 10am-11am. went to opah's house. meet the kids. class mengaji. since im the oldest, so its always fun to watch the kids' behavior. rinduu tgk opah marah cucu dia. lawak gler :D

2. balik rumah tgk 'ewahh ewahh'.haha. lunch,bunyi van hntar adikk balik skola. nana balik skola. then, she'll spill all the school+boys hot stories.

3. onlinee all day long. survey all the blogshop. and become so addicted over it. and i'll miss the boredom. the feling of guilty, bio assignment tak siap lagi.

4. mama menjerit,suruh jaga mia,aqil kat bwh. and yeahh, 2.30 wonderpet show (;

5. petang petang,keluar bwk mia jalan2. cycling.

6. 'fighting' over my fav tv show. TUES night: ugly betty. SUNDAY night: ghost. boleh dload, tp as sarah said, the feeling of watching it in front of tv.

7.and yeah, sleeping off late. very very late.

8. waiting fr two of my favourite person to come home from casa and MMU evry friday evening (;

actually its not that im off to intec forever. but yeah,weekdays routine can never be the same. except Friday :D

dear home, dont miss me so much okayy. i'll be back next friday.
lots of love,

*and yeah dear akasia, be nice to me.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

slipped away.

there are things that i owe you dearest blog.
i was supposed to update few days ago. tapi rasa berat sungguh tangan ini.
so here some short post that slipped away.

saja suka-suka :D
super coincidence (;

pictures of 27th june, 10.30pm. addition to sarah's :

thanks babes.

29th june : thanks abg postman :P

its arrived at last. my first item. wayy cuter than what im expecting.
thanks to kak nurul too.

-i miss our, gudnyte. switdreams. take care. ily :* msg-

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

kau..too late.

i had my monash malaysia interview juz 2hours ago.
how i felt..before,during,after?
what was d quests?
how did i perform?
what was their n my reactions? monash monash..
its all between me and d 2 interviewers.

ya Allah,i had done wut i had to do.YOU knew wut had happened.n i'll leave it all on YOU now.
hopefully,its ok :)

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