Wednesday, 1 July 2009

kau..too late.

i had my monash malaysia interview juz 2hours ago.
how i felt..before,during,after?
what was d quests?
how did i perform?
what was their n my reactions? monash monash..
its all between me and d 2 interviewers.

ya Allah,i had done wut i had to do.YOU knew wut had happened.n i'll leave it all on YOU now.
hopefully,its ok :)


uraniumwise said...

seperti lagu mj yang korang letak dalam blog ni:

You are not alone!

Shokat said...

ur doing fine~ ;D

sarah.hani said...

wany: yea.if rasa alone least,kita tahu Allah ada kn :)

syau: haha.never noe ;)

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