Thursday, 30 July 2009

melawati, apa khabar?

im stil awake now
at this time.very seldomly,i get to stay dis late.
ouh wel.dere's no particular test tomrow.
im juz exploring new stuffs in d net
started to play.some fb games
typing maniac and crazy taxi.
but i perform better 4 typing maniac.crazy taxi sush r! urghh.hate those taxis..
im controlling myself tho.not wanting to b addicted
life wil b difficult if im in dat condition ryte
so,yea.chem test is up afta 2weeks time.
nxt week.
wuld b d handing-in assignmnts.
ouh PQA test also.
my hurricane presentation.
ouhhh.bout d uniS.motivated now.
dere r still more callings ryte.
so,sarah hani shud better buck up 4 finals.
n get over those 1st calling interviews
ayte better get goinn now.
new stalkers;


intan.nur.hadilah said...

melawati khabar baik baik sahaja.

pulang lahh anda.

sarah.hani said...

aku ada kerja kena buat weeknd ini
xlehh balik mlwati
kita lepakk lagi nxt weeknd eh

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