Saturday, 18 July 2009

rasa banyak rasa back 2 post smething 4 d weeknd.
past week,i was nt dat im juz nt realy in d mood to type much
so, i am
on a saturdy
in d in nt back in mlwati dis weeknd
i hav dis event 4,im involved.
so,yea.highlights of my week.last 3 days.i had IA 4 ESL.
haha.d exam was so tough,end up becoming a funny its so ridiculous of us,scholar ppl,to...hurm.. :) haishh.v r still humans ok :] *sorry ms more after this :)
talking bout past week dramas too.haish..uniS r starting email-ing ppl who got their uni,it was kinda depressing to noe many stuffs.i didn't get a few uniS.leaving me wif hurm 5 wif d smallest probabilities dere r.haishh :(
dis thurs,is my newcastle interview.hopefully i culd learnt 4rm wut i did 4 my monash.n polish n get things btter 4 dis thurs..Ya Alllah,less nervous plleeassee :]
so,i'll be here in subang jaya.getting myself prepared 4 my upcming is much needed now ;)
mving on off dat..i heard.dis blog.has sme new stalkers.hee.thankyou,thank you.keep on stalking ok.hope v entertain some ways ;)
so, intan nur hadilah.anything u here ok :)

*i will always be open for many more individuals from everywhere but not replacing the stereotype i found*

dunt be cunning.but always be filial ;)


Shokat said...

seronok jadi stalker. =)

intan.nur.hadilah said...

haha. semesti nya.
i can sense the chemistry.

sarah.hani said...

seronok seronok x) stalker widens mind.heh


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