Sunday, 5 July 2009

16th may till 5th july.

hari ini tamat lah sudah cuti semester. yeayy!,said sarah hani.

*smiley face*
this holiday seems so looong i dont know why.
im surely gonna MISS:

1. waking up around 10am-11am. went to opah's house. meet the kids. class mengaji. since im the oldest, so its always fun to watch the kids' behavior. rinduu tgk opah marah cucu dia. lawak gler :D

2. balik rumah tgk 'ewahh ewahh'.haha. lunch,bunyi van hntar adikk balik skola. nana balik skola. then, she'll spill all the school+boys hot stories.

3. onlinee all day long. survey all the blogshop. and become so addicted over it. and i'll miss the boredom. the feling of guilty, bio assignment tak siap lagi.

4. mama menjerit,suruh jaga mia,aqil kat bwh. and yeahh, 2.30 wonderpet show (;

5. petang petang,keluar bwk mia jalan2. cycling.

6. 'fighting' over my fav tv show. TUES night: ugly betty. SUNDAY night: ghost. boleh dload, tp as sarah said, the feeling of watching it in front of tv.

7.and yeah, sleeping off late. very very late.

8. waiting fr two of my favourite person to come home from casa and MMU evry friday evening (;

actually its not that im off to intec forever. but yeah,weekdays routine can never be the same. except Friday :D

dear home, dont miss me so much okayy. i'll be back next friday.
lots of love,

*and yeah dear akasia, be nice to me.


sarah.hani said... has been so long dow ;) rkn2 tylors pun mesti ckp yeay! gak.hah.dey alwys wnted to long is ur so long hols.;D

*as kwn2 intec say.
wlcome back to akasia.;)
wlcome guys to cemara.:P
wlcome evryone to intec.haha :D

rindu kau dow

intan.nur.hadilah said...

*smiley sad secara tiba tiba*
wehh lagu ni menyedihkn lg KOT.

hurmm. im stronger than yesterday.
*lagu britney*

rindu kau jugakkkk

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