Thursday, 2 July 2009

slipped away.

there are things that i owe you dearest blog.
i was supposed to update few days ago. tapi rasa berat sungguh tangan ini.
so here some short post that slipped away.

saja suka-suka :D
super coincidence (;

pictures of 27th june, 10.30pm. addition to sarah's :

thanks babes.

29th june : thanks abg postman :P

its arrived at last. my first item. wayy cuter than what im expecting.
thanks to kak nurul too.

-i miss our, gudnyte. switdreams. take care. ily :* msg-


**** said...

haha !
cute cute

#$%^& said...

haha, sapa plak starr.
well sarah mmg cute.

sarah.hani said...

tribute to d school bus pin

sila tinggalkan nama anda eh.jgn jd stalker x ber-nama.hah

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