Sunday, 12 July 2009

tribute to the video ;)

*beware of this long postt*
ouh wow. it has been so long since i posted a post bout my not dat busy 4 d last week.its juz dat, i dunt hav d urge to type alott ;)
last weeknd.i went to perak :) my cousin got married.

d whole last so cranky with the juniors.dey r juz everywher.kacau je :[ taylors is so over-populated.many must die.*as noted by the evolution theory x)*
ther r tests coming im stil nt on my feet 4 them.i cant hold on tight to my stats yett.d IA for ESL is coming.dis wednsdyy..haishh.*usaha sarah hani.kalau nak naik kapal terbang*
ouh wany's birthday was last week too.had a blast dat nyte.v were laughing like mad.girls.heh.zaty n ziqah pressie was d realy suit wany n her character ;D
my handphone is sick.yett to be admitted to d hospital.many had asked me to juz get a new im stil wif my decision,4 new hp.unless i fly.such a good good as gold ;]
ouhh! last week also,i had my sketch.SOUND OF group had to take on d longest,most imaginative text..the took us a week to prepare them.there's this prop..a metal path which is six inches above the ground.try to imagine that.but v end up laying newspaper on the simen floor to describe it ;) ou wel.v tried.heh.i was d officer in d sketch.i was nervous.the usual me.end up,i had to bring my script infront..haih ;)
not to forget.last week,ther was dis one day.when i got the chance to talk to stand in d bus very near to you.seronok wei! :D n wen d nyte comes..went lepak-ing with fakha.kat mamak lvl1 je.he promised me a milo ais ;) lots of stuffs to catch up.
ouh last week juga.i potrayed a -budak belah tepi- look ;)

dari sudut pandangan budak pandai ;p

birthday along todayy! happy twenty-one wei.aiman n i planned smething 4 didn't hav d guts to do it live.haha.nway.happy birthday again! come home.n i belanja cream at swensens v share ;p

*hold on...
u'll b back only during d fasting monthh!
yeay! ;)

and yea..what am i waiting for if d truth is laid in front of me already..mayb its juz d culture and d fear of acceptance? hm.dere's d tyme :)

conclusion: i feel grand as my day passes by.and i think.i was busy ;)

*told u is a veryy long post*


Anonymous said...

u r as good as gold as yuhin is!

sarah.hani said...

haha.bukan r wei.good as gold as flurry ;p

intan nur hadilah said...

haha, sgt pnjg smapi aku rsa nak simpan half utk esk jek.

sarah.hani said...

i told u so.
its realy long

*ko nk aku post bru,ah ambikk.:P

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