Wednesday, 15 July 2009


monday morning started great. A junior guy gave me his seat in the bus. and he's cute. so yeah, GREAT morning :D

that morning, we had our new english lecturer fr the sem. Mrs.Kireen.
as we introduced ourselves, she asked ' is medicine your first choice?'
everyone seems to answer. 'yes,its always be my first choice' with confidence. etc etc.
and i was the ONLY one. who answered 'sort of..~~'
and she had this reaction, OMG,you have to say yes.
cause it never be my first choice YET. yeahh i know.

tuesday: seems long enough to stay.i get mad easily.
and its soo obvious. awkward moment.
maybe its the hormone. or maybe its the people.
and there were questionmarks every where. started to wondering things with WHY.

dear Almighty,
im sorry for my stupidity. but i cant stop the curiousity.
i know there are GREAT reasons behind these. and one day, im gonna find out.

but the best part is, i know
there are special humanS. who will try their very best to cheer me up.



sarah.hani said...

at least.u dunt need to think bout literature
haha ;p
*mahu jumpa kau :)

intan.nur.hadilah said...

haha. literature vs. akasia?
nak literatureeeeeeee.

*TAW TKPE. nak peluk kau.

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