Sunday, 28 June 2009

laporan hujung minggu

i so need to stop looking into this laptop monitor.n start working.dammmnnn
dere are-
scripts to memorize.
polymers to be understood.
statistics to do exercise more.

nak delete d vid post.intan says,finE ;p

intan made me to go to her houz.duno y she insisted me to go.haha.
upon reaching.i juz felt smething nt gud.n.. i looked at her.n im actually looking at a copy of some1 wearing d same baju as me.haishh..*super coincidence okayy*
ok.mayb intan wuld want to post d pic.editting sme wut v had discussed eh ;)

last fri nyte,
it was smething great+funny.d whole awkward-ness+some arguments b4 dat.rutin rutin ;D
headed to jj,setiawangsa.wif d guys.makan.groceries shopping.cake buying.n to intan's houz.4 a surprise visit :)

.adding candles on the lil cake.
*18 okayy ;p*

.lighting up the 18 candles.
*azri n his kok? ;)*

.d melted 18 candles into d cake.
*forgot of the existence of the candle holders*



Saturday, 27 June 2009

*one-eight-th years of living.

ohh yeah. thanks fr the birthday wish. trough any medium of telecommunication.
and to those people who make it a great day afterall. you know who you are :)
even tho ada argument skit di pagi yg indah itu dgn abg yg tersayang bout Dslr. and phone yg tk di-reformat lg. setelah mood di conserved, so hows my 25th june ?
he took me to the bird park. yes,bird park people.

let the picture do the talking :

not forgetting special thanks to:
sarah hani, azri, yazmir and min

*nnt if abg aku dh upload, aku post pic korang struggle light the candles okay?

Friday, 26 June 2009

pagi yang suram?

the king of pop
has gone

*maybe this is how it felt wen P.ramlee or Sudirman passed away?*

moving on
im back in melawati.
nothing to look forward tho 4 dis weeknd.
ouh super wtv.
i really need something exciting to happen.
mayb a moment juz plain talkin wif you? haha.
never fail to make me smile ;D

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

not for public viewing.its wayyy above d 18+ limit ;p

intan nur hadilah

dis yr.i culdn't make it to celebrate ur bday tgeder :[ so,i prepared you this ;)
*maxis wil say everything nantii. :)

kalau hari ini 24jun.esok?

went to sunway yesterdy
watched d last houz of d leaf..woops...left.
dis arises wen some mamat behind us in d line
pronounced left as leaf.
*laughing out loud*
v had to get reach a 18+movie anytime b4 tomrow comes..
v juz wanted to feel d illegal-ness.
v had planned to go, d last sat.
but things didnt go as well as i planned.

dat movie.made me regretted to choose its so full of violence.most of d scenes.i cant barely so underage.haha:D

ok.realy hope dis blog is read by a *adding some cursing words as adjectives* lady.she is really not making me happy right now.if ever,i culd giv her a slap.or a punch in a face :]
tonyte,me+zubet. n hoping other rakan2 wuld join in d force 2 become super musicians.haha!

*rejab is here :)

Sunday, 21 June 2009

sayang. always.

dear MR.Purdiono,

you might not be the best in the world,
you might not be the superhero,
and you might not always be there when i need you.
but you are my one and only.

what you did, what you are doing and what will you do,

black or white. iloveyou. always.

happy father's day.

sincerely: your daughter,
intan nur hadilah.


woke up.8+am got ready.planned to hav 'flooding' roti canai at kina&wany were afraid if v wuld get lost along d wayy.n nt make it 4 d cmpetition.n i was :)
so,end up in UM.4 d olympiad tinggy.dun eva judge me as a..hurmph..nerd.geek? oh never..i went juz 4 d sake 2 make up a group of 4 ;D it was raining very heavily in d morn.saw many STUDENTs in school UNIFORMS..felt out of place..went into d hall.saw taylor's ppl placed at a section.went pass get there.eyes were on us.more on me.haha.*addition*.sat.i tot d competition wuld b somekind na'ah..ppl were smiling away.ok mayb d 1st 30mins,serious..reading..afta dat.lookng 4 me..i kept looking to d main door.juz wish i culd pass d door b4 d tyme,yea.was 'provoking' kina n get out..earlier than 12.3pm..kina got out at 11.3am..wany didnt want 2 give up.i like dat i juz cant bare it any longer.better get out 4rm d hall earlier than wasting my time in dere.doin nuthing.drew sme characters on d sheet of ppr dey,i raised my hands..12pm it is.sent in my ppr.without any hope in it ;) n off...out d main door ;p
4 me;
to win d olympiad is like to able to count d droplets of rain
haha =D
*i figured it out in kina's car.wen kina n wany was discussing some wtv formula.;p i stared into d windscreen n i tot if dis quote.=)*

ok.mayb im juz a plain at least,in my whole life.i had once entered olympiad.have u? haha.if yes,u r a loser too :P if no,u dun lose much ;)

Thursday, 18 June 2009

2days events

-hari ulang tahun lahir daddy :)
-pass up physics hurricane ;)

with this,im over all projects! ALL!;D

52 yrs old it is :)

ini mummy.

ini pemegang camera.x)

-skating di ice rink sunway pyramid
-sakit kaki
-telah cuba skill bru ;D
*sapa nk jdi anak murid,boleh la.hah ;)
- aftr 4hours on ice.bru lgu itu di psg =)


blogged by;
sarah hani --->

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

addicted sudah.

damn. i dont know why. but currently im addicted to online shopping stuff.
cause i find it easier to get something that i like.
something that i've been looking for but then i find its hard to fine it out there.
plus its usually cheaper. yet have to pay more for the delivery post fee.
fine. usually below rm10. but i think its kinda worth it. really.

hate the word sold out. especially when they include the name of the buyers *sigh
im sorry but im kinda have to 'hate' those names. envy jek.
but yeah the rule: first come first serve.
its like daily fashion war. and the name of the winner will be stated below those pretty item.

those items are unique in such a way. and the feeling of self-satisfaction.
ahh cant imagine it. its like you are the one-of-a-kind owner.
currently im hunting and will never stop hunting.

* ohh tidak biology ku.
aim: by end of this week-dah siap. sokongan moral kwn kwn! ;)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

anda :D

pagi yang indah
made me smile.this morn.
haha ;)


Sunday, 14 June 2009

banana, the new friend?

dila: wehh aku gemuk. tgk ah i look big in this jeans. urghhh!
hani: ishh mne ada. aku lagi ah gemuk okayy. i gained weight. kau kurus!
dila: enough with the comfort words. kau kurus,aku gemuk.
hani: ehh kau. ngesss!
*nama dan watak hanya rekaan semata-mata :P

gain weight? ohh to be precise, its been my all timer concern.
and i know im not alone. you. yes you..don't deny it.

spot this very interesting article in the news paper last week. how to lose weight.
read the typical one. about workout, exercise. but this is something diff.
banana had been one of the HOT sold out fruits in Japan now.
they name it, Japanese Morning Banana diet. and claim we can lose pounds easily.
*well, its what they wrote okayy.


  1. Eat a banana or two for breakfast. the sooner you eat the better as it will turns up our metabolism. and yeah, it work better with a glass of room temperature water. *MILO? pengorbanan. :(
  2. There are no restriction for lunch. tapi if dah diet, buat lah cara nak diet. a sensible,healthy meal will be just nice with room temperature water. Avoid fried,processed food. well,they said, avoid :P
  3. Have a snack at 3pm. at last! something sweet. and its the only sweet we are 'permitted' all day during this diet plan :O
  4. Dinner shall be taken BEFORE 8pm. and no eating is 'permitted' *again* after that on this banana diet. and of course,its shall be a healthy meal. duhh :S
  5. And go to bed before mid night. i find this the hardest step of all (:
OKAYY. done.
to be honest, i never tried this. i wanted to. but then, come to think.

mana nak letak milo ice, tues,thurs pasar mlm foods. nikmat, kn sarah?
and yeah sleep before midnight? its nearly imposible (:

actually sarah. aku tgh bosann thp max. sebab tu post something yg out of league. maaf eh

*have fun try this out. and if its work. do tell me.

hujan mempengaruhi suasana

such a not fine day,today.
byk kli rasa nk kuar dr dunia ni..
ouh wel.
got a not realy,but realy shocking news.
goodluck ah wei.
hopefully,dats d best 4 u.n ur future :)
ouh ouh
lihat g.anat td.huish
sungguh menyayat hati episod kli ini.
byk scenes yg reflect back 2 my life.
bt overall.g.anat mmg gempak-ness ah!:D

episode 13-stairway to heaven

the best scene ;)

okk.4mins in mind :)

Friday, 12 June 2009

a post.

actually i was really out of words of how to describe my days. my recent days.
went to skating with yazmir yesterday. had fun. picture tkde sgt coz yzmir kurang photogenic :P
today lepak ngn azri min and huari jap kt jusco AU. mkn kfc.
vincent gunting rmbut off td. ehh azri? :P

and yeah went trough youtube. love this cover vid. *di bawah*
mereka cute
. sarah maybe one day we shud try this! *haha
the real singer : zee avi. an indie singer.
that all for today. see you next time.


okay.sarah hani melaporkan diri pada hari yang sama
was made to be i met smeone.
it wass wayy long long tyme ago :)

me: *smile from far*
friend: *smile,but face..cant recall*
me: *walk towards friend* hi.friend kn?
friend: ermm..sapa eh.sory.xigt sgt..
me: *ngeh.apa r* ouhh.sarah? sarah hani?
friend: ah ah! ye.mak ni r.yg lompat pts tu..

..blah blahh..
so,yea..ter-met my sktm1 fren.

_i just love and appreciate these kind of moments_

Thursday, 11 June 2009

menanti.matahari.di kala malam.

its d study week,4 me.
or actually not
it has been many nytes in casa.doin nthing.
evntho i noe,i hav 2 do better stuffs..
as zaty juz reminded me
143 days left to my finalss..
but but.d number ---> 143.seems so nice ryte ;)
so,move on...
v had a durian partayy.:D
6 durians alltgther.shared btween 12ppl.
it was like.hunting for durians! heh.semua kes mcm kempunan durian
*except me ;p
kina brought her dslr along.hee~ seronok seronok.
safura took pics of me.makan.heh ;)
ok done
tday,matahari ended :)
nthing much to a quote 4rm tday's episode

-kalau rindu saya lihat lah matahari yang terbit di pagi hari-

permanent-david cook-permanent

Monday, 8 June 2009


a glance thru d equation above.
n if u hav to re-think d math.
den i think.u n me.v r thinking d same thing..
dats wut i my m3 ppr last exm.
how freakingly mad am i towards myself?!
d drama was great dis morn.
todayy was d getting results ppr day..
*kepek kepek* results memukul diri ku
killer skli.m3 ah
sejak pagi td.masa semua tgh termenung.pndg muka masing2.dlm keadaan blurr..
rasanya..smua tkut skli m3.
bt d ffect on me
ouh wow.
didnt expect me to crack.
stupid betull..d whole situation i was in.
i was so tense,pressure..
msj intn,as i tot she'll reply asap ;P
bt dia ni.sibuk lak tyme tu.
so,fine..thnx r ye rakan2.atas support.
thnx kau atas support juga.x brain is at lutut :P
ok.tu je.m3 results was d *kepek kepek* into my face.
nxt tyme check 4 careless u nvr noe.u myte need oni 1 mark to upgrade into a diff,HIGHER grade.ish! ok.redha :)

-mahu menonton HANNAH MONTANA movie- haha!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

terasa lama sudah.

ishh dah tiga kali berturut-turut post sarah hani. ini tak adil! HAHA.
okay babe. you know im kidding :P
net down recently,its been two days, yet felt like two weeks.

7th june. went out today. mcm sarah. klcc-pavy-bb-ts.
times square dah msuk dlm list outing baru baru ini.
tak taw kenapa. kenapa sarah? :)
dulu mmg banned TS. presence of Gothics,boyanS and seantara mereka annoyed us.
but tak bermaksud we are also one of them now. NEVER. saja suka suka :P

jalan dan jalan. dengan niat to buy something. turn out nana bought two items and me;nothing YET. did found something. sarah aku beli baju kotak kotak! :D
best part i met HELLO KITTY. and her friend, which never knw her/his existence before.
nama dia cinnamon. hurm, is he edible? :D

hello HELLO KITTY ;)
he came to us and say hye. and we said HYEEE! :P
alasan kukuh kenapa ke time square :P

pisau cukur intan nur hadilah ;)

babe,happy first day back to class. see you again on friday okayy.

selamat malam dunia

its a saturdy nyte.
im so tired.
bt stil.choose to blog
am i gud or wut.haha :)
went to felda sungai koyan 3,raub,pahang todyy.
abg apin kawin.
d pics upload lter eh,along.
hm,juz got home 4rm cheras.tmrow is kak siti noor's wedding lak.
so,will b dere d whole day.
til its tyme 4 me to head to casa
aftr posting dis,im goin to cntinue to pack up.
choose to blog 1st,as i am goin to close up my lptop n place it in d bag ody.
its d end.dah habis.holidayy ku :]
ouh wt..
lots to look 4ward evntho sem3 is strting.
ada bday org yg perlu di plan.hah!:p
ok.better get goin.

murano needs a,do i :)

ouh nt to forget

Friday, 5 June 2009


dats 4rm me to u.
i hav such a hectic lifestyle wheneva im in classes.
now,im spending my last days of my wonderful holiday.
dun come n bug me wif small,lil,annoying things.
i'll go.fine.close case.
i'll go, i do smile for the world :)
my reason 4 not wanting 2 go.seems so not valid 4 u.
so,fine.keep on assuming.
ur assumptions. however, are not valid 4 me tho.
sorry :)
n yea,SAM myte not b as tough as a medicine course.
bt babe.SAM is not alvl style.
so,at my age.if it was u wif ur alvls.
im sure.u hav lots of juz hav fun during weeknds.un less it was d exam weeks
howeva, im nt sorry 4 SAM.
but yea,its my holidays.a break 4 juz two weeks.
so,dun eva ruin it ain't making me happy.
thank you :)

*i love people around includes plz..i dun bug u during ur, do d same 4 me :)*
family has its own league in my life. remember that ;)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

jika kaki kata berhenti - singaporean malays :D

just came home 4rm an outing.
same old places.but new memories, i shud say :D
dis morn.9.3am..msj came in.nad cant make it.her uncle passed away dis,she had to go back to her hometwn.
so,i msjed intn.both of us.were,not sure whether to go on with our plan..
met up intn at w.maju station.
she called me a boyan.fine :P
but at that moment.v had nthing in mind.wher to go.wat to eat.etc etc.
hnestly,like mumy said."ni jalan xde hala tuju"
so,reached in klcc.
walk walk.while figuring out.wher to eat.
dere was dis lego exhibition at d main,v went into it.saw.taj mahal,klcc,COLOSEUM(rome,intan!).d mini sezes of using lego ;) cool stuffs.
den v make our way to d exit.v were so crtical in making up our decide on a place to,fine..
ooooo jus :D
*2times i won ok! dat was a superb record of mine ;)*
pavvy..went to carl's jr.while waiting 4 a take away food.v criticised on their VERY POOR service.n wut dey shud do to improve ;) ts.played bowling
1 game 4 a start.
intan won wif score of 126.n mine was half of hers *calculator* ;D
x puas hati..fine.went to d get anoder game
i lost her score was nt dat high 4 d 2nd time.:P mine? was better than stil.bad! haha.dere were so many boyan-ese.i culdn't concentrate on d game.*alasann* :D
congrats intan.tuah je tu.haha
went n get a donut 4rm krispy kreme.d service dere.hnestly,mcm terlebih mesra.haha.n v felt dat.some of their workers shud go n work in carl's in a kinda small donut shop in ts.their workers were like all over ;D n intn planned to get a crocs 4 herself..*thinkng*
walk to low yat den.went to search.4 dis particular last sat.i've surveyed a bag.n dat shop.gave d best price amongst others..intn tried to bargain 4 a lwer price..*i saw a future mak cik in intan juz nw* haha!:D got dat bag.but wen i was at d cashier.a 2nd tot came by.telling me to think twice.thrice..or more either decide on this bag.oh off.n v head to pavvy again
i was so thirsty.since afta my aim was to buy a rm1 plain,in ts.7-eleven.rm1+..
finee...move on to pavvy.stdrd pavvy rm 1.5..fine..went to klcc foodcourt.rm1.8.blah! wher's rm1 plain air kosong! ishh..everyone nk mark up price gila2..howeva,i kept faith in a shop.i believe to sell.a rm1 *any brand* water ;D
into klcc again.while walking d aquaria site.met erfi and,v split into two.i talked to erfi.n intn talked to dzaf ;) n yea.intn tot.erfi looks :)) but i think he looks just himself.heh.
so,went up d intn planned to buy a pair of shoes.cnsidering crocs to expensiv.everlast pun jd ah ;p so,yea..went to d nearest cimb atm.in4rnt of us.dis kkk was using d machine.afta her,intn make her way to d screen.n wut appear was "sorry.out of service".so,she went blah! :D i made her withdraw her mney.4rm a diff bank atm machine.rm1 je :P got her a pair of shoes.lawa lawa =)
took the of words came up session.haha! :P
took the bus home.had some cnflicts.mumy was angry.i came home latee.
ahhh.dats all i think.d whole outing ;D

think center! only center! :P

thanks sarah. lain kali, aku kasi kau menang eh eh :D

no pressure babe

thanks abg syarir :P

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

relay for life.

forgot what VADS stands for :P

on duty

mas qistina

she was one of the cancer survivor wearing this cute costume (:

the INTEC parade. yes,im an INTEC-ian. :D

candid. ahaa, ;)

i went to this event under INTEC.
relay fr life 2009. kt stadium bukit jalil. fr two days.
its an event to support cancer patients and collect donation. etc etc.
its was 16 hours straight event.
so banyak lah activities. games,shows, and the parade.

kteorg dtg as volunteer. seronok,ada. my shift was frm 8-10pm.
jaga booth indian food. so basically customer pun.... okay tkpe. layan jek :P
stay awake the whole nyte. some slept in the surau. but i prefer not to.
i learned something. some people are just good at talking BUT they dont actually apply those to themselves. i learned that sometimes we have to follow instead of trying to dominate things.
and even though im sitting alone, i know that i was never alone.
bla bla. whatever.haha.

ohh yeah, i spent my nyte painting my own special limited edition bag ;)

p/s: i took a pic with jac. tp tk sempat nk curi frm abiman's fb (; and yeah, i miss highschool like ****.

_1st june posting ;)_
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