Sunday, 21 June 2009


woke up.8+am got ready.planned to hav 'flooding' roti canai at kina&wany were afraid if v wuld get lost along d wayy.n nt make it 4 d cmpetition.n i was :)
so,end up in UM.4 d olympiad tinggy.dun eva judge me as a..hurmph..nerd.geek? oh never..i went juz 4 d sake 2 make up a group of 4 ;D it was raining very heavily in d morn.saw many STUDENTs in school UNIFORMS..felt out of place..went into d hall.saw taylor's ppl placed at a section.went pass get there.eyes were on us.more on me.haha.*addition*.sat.i tot d competition wuld b somekind na'ah..ppl were smiling away.ok mayb d 1st 30mins,serious..reading..afta dat.lookng 4 me..i kept looking to d main door.juz wish i culd pass d door b4 d tyme,yea.was 'provoking' kina n get out..earlier than 12.3pm..kina got out at 11.3am..wany didnt want 2 give up.i like dat i juz cant bare it any longer.better get out 4rm d hall earlier than wasting my time in dere.doin nuthing.drew sme characters on d sheet of ppr dey,i raised my hands..12pm it is.sent in my ppr.without any hope in it ;) n off...out d main door ;p
4 me;
to win d olympiad is like to able to count d droplets of rain
haha =D
*i figured it out in kina's car.wen kina n wany was discussing some wtv formula.;p i stared into d windscreen n i tot if dis quote.=)*

ok.mayb im juz a plain at least,in my whole life.i had once entered olympiad.have u? haha.if yes,u r a loser too :P if no,u dun lose much ;)

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