Friday, 12 June 2009

a post.

actually i was really out of words of how to describe my days. my recent days.
went to skating with yazmir yesterday. had fun. picture tkde sgt coz yzmir kurang photogenic :P
today lepak ngn azri min and huari jap kt jusco AU. mkn kfc.
vincent gunting rmbut off td. ehh azri? :P

and yeah went trough youtube. love this cover vid. *di bawah*
mereka cute
. sarah maybe one day we shud try this! *haha
the real singer : zee avi. an indie singer.
that all for today. see you next time.


okay.sarah hani melaporkan diri pada hari yang sama
was made to be i met smeone.
it wass wayy long long tyme ago :)

me: *smile from far*
friend: *smile,but face..cant recall*
me: *walk towards friend* hi.friend kn?
friend: ermm..sapa eh.sory.xigt sgt..
me: *ngeh.apa r* ouhh.sarah? sarah hani?
friend: ah ah! ye.mak ni r.yg lompat pts tu..

..blah blahh..
so,yea..ter-met my sktm1 fren.

_i just love and appreciate these kind of moments_

1 comment:

sarah.hani said...

budak2 tu.try style maxis uh.ngehh.=)

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