Tuesday, 2 June 2009

relay for life.

forgot what VADS stands for :P

on duty

mas qistina

she was one of the cancer survivor wearing this cute costume (:

the INTEC parade. yes,im an INTEC-ian. :D

candid. ahaa, ;)

i went to this event under INTEC.
relay fr life 2009. kt stadium bukit jalil. fr two days.
its an event to support cancer patients and collect donation. etc etc.
its was 16 hours straight event.
so banyak lah activities. games,shows, and the parade.

kteorg dtg as volunteer. seronok,ada. my shift was frm 8-10pm.
jaga booth indian food. so basically customer pun.... okay tkpe. layan jek :P
stay awake the whole nyte. some slept in the surau. but i prefer not to.
i learned something. some people are just good at talking BUT they dont actually apply those to themselves. i learned that sometimes we have to follow instead of trying to dominate things.
and even though im sitting alone, i know that i was never alone.
bla bla. whatever.haha.

ohh yeah, i spent my nyte painting my own special limited edition bag ;)

p/s: i took a pic with jac. tp tk sempat nk curi frm abiman's fb (; and yeah, i miss highschool like ****.

_1st june posting ;)_


Farhan A said...

i jealous wit ur bag

12345:) said...

haha, its just rm5 bag.
tapi i tk on sale eh.

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