Sunday, 7 June 2009

terasa lama sudah.

ishh dah tiga kali berturut-turut post sarah hani. ini tak adil! HAHA.
okay babe. you know im kidding :P
net down recently,its been two days, yet felt like two weeks.

7th june. went out today. mcm sarah. klcc-pavy-bb-ts.
times square dah msuk dlm list outing baru baru ini.
tak taw kenapa. kenapa sarah? :)
dulu mmg banned TS. presence of Gothics,boyanS and seantara mereka annoyed us.
but tak bermaksud we are also one of them now. NEVER. saja suka suka :P

jalan dan jalan. dengan niat to buy something. turn out nana bought two items and me;nothing YET. did found something. sarah aku beli baju kotak kotak! :D
best part i met HELLO KITTY. and her friend, which never knw her/his existence before.
nama dia cinnamon. hurm, is he edible? :D

hello HELLO KITTY ;)
he came to us and say hye. and we said HYEEE! :P
alasan kukuh kenapa ke time square :P

pisau cukur intan nur hadilah ;)

babe,happy first day back to class. see you again on friday okayy.

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