Saturday, 27 June 2009

*one-eight-th years of living.

ohh yeah. thanks fr the birthday wish. trough any medium of telecommunication.
and to those people who make it a great day afterall. you know who you are :)
even tho ada argument skit di pagi yg indah itu dgn abg yg tersayang bout Dslr. and phone yg tk di-reformat lg. setelah mood di conserved, so hows my 25th june ?
he took me to the bird park. yes,bird park people.

let the picture do the talking :

not forgetting special thanks to:
sarah hani, azri, yazmir and min

*nnt if abg aku dh upload, aku post pic korang struggle light the candles okay?


penyampai ... said...

happy 18th birthday



intan.nur.hadilah said...

ohh 'penyampai'.
terima kasih.

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