Sunday, 28 June 2009

laporan hujung minggu

i so need to stop looking into this laptop monitor.n start working.dammmnnn
dere are-
scripts to memorize.
polymers to be understood.
statistics to do exercise more.

nak delete d vid post.intan says,finE ;p

intan made me to go to her houz.duno y she insisted me to go.haha.
upon reaching.i juz felt smething nt gud.n.. i looked at her.n im actually looking at a copy of some1 wearing d same baju as me.haishh..*super coincidence okayy*
ok.mayb intan wuld want to post d pic.editting sme wut v had discussed eh ;)

last fri nyte,
it was smething great+funny.d whole awkward-ness+some arguments b4 dat.rutin rutin ;D
headed to jj,setiawangsa.wif d guys.makan.groceries shopping.cake buying.n to intan's houz.4 a surprise visit :)

.adding candles on the lil cake.
*18 okayy ;p*

.lighting up the 18 candles.
*azri n his kok? ;)*

.d melted 18 candles into d cake.
*forgot of the existence of the candle holders*



1 comment:

intan.nur.hadilah said...

HAHAHA. azri.meh stu kok?

kami sgt comel berbaju serupa.
sarah comel-er.

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