Wednesday, 17 June 2009

addicted sudah.

damn. i dont know why. but currently im addicted to online shopping stuff.
cause i find it easier to get something that i like.
something that i've been looking for but then i find its hard to fine it out there.
plus its usually cheaper. yet have to pay more for the delivery post fee.
fine. usually below rm10. but i think its kinda worth it. really.

hate the word sold out. especially when they include the name of the buyers *sigh
im sorry but im kinda have to 'hate' those names. envy jek.
but yeah the rule: first come first serve.
its like daily fashion war. and the name of the winner will be stated below those pretty item.

those items are unique in such a way. and the feeling of self-satisfaction.
ahh cant imagine it. its like you are the one-of-a-kind owner.
currently im hunting and will never stop hunting.

* ohh tidak biology ku.
aim: by end of this week-dah siap. sokongan moral kwn kwn! ;)


sarah.hani said...

aku nak jam baru
criteria: unique,mahal.bukan nampak mahal.tapi mahal eh..lagii..wrna putih r.leather,not plastic.haha
ily :D

*i'll b seeing ur bio update end of dis week ;)

farhan ahmad said...

online shopping best !

intan.nur.hadilah said...

sarahhhhh. aku hunt bkn under blog guess atau espirit.haha.
anywayyy. its JUNE baby.

Shokat said...

buena suerte. :P

sarah.hani said...

intan: im juz telling.future planning is great.;p hm,ok fine.its JUNE.tudung colour hot pink.ok x? ;D

syau: u shal explain d meaning behind d word ;)

intan.nur.hadilah said...


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