Thursday, 11 June 2009

menanti.matahari.di kala malam.

its d study week,4 me.
or actually not
it has been many nytes in casa.doin nthing.
evntho i noe,i hav 2 do better stuffs..
as zaty juz reminded me
143 days left to my finalss..
but but.d number ---> 143.seems so nice ryte ;)
so,move on...
v had a durian partayy.:D
6 durians alltgther.shared btween 12ppl.
it was like.hunting for durians! heh.semua kes mcm kempunan durian
*except me ;p
kina brought her dslr along.hee~ seronok seronok.
safura took pics of me.makan.heh ;)
ok done
tday,matahari ended :)
nthing much to a quote 4rm tday's episode

-kalau rindu saya lihat lah matahari yang terbit di pagi hari-

permanent-david cook-permanent
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