Wednesday, 24 June 2009

kalau hari ini 24jun.esok?

went to sunway yesterdy
watched d last houz of d leaf..woops...left.
dis arises wen some mamat behind us in d line
pronounced left as leaf.
*laughing out loud*
v had to get reach a 18+movie anytime b4 tomrow comes..
v juz wanted to feel d illegal-ness.
v had planned to go, d last sat.
but things didnt go as well as i planned.

dat movie.made me regretted to choose its so full of violence.most of d scenes.i cant barely so underage.haha:D

ok.realy hope dis blog is read by a *adding some cursing words as adjectives* lady.she is really not making me happy right now.if ever,i culd giv her a slap.or a punch in a face :]
tonyte,me+zubet. n hoping other rakan2 wuld join in d force 2 become super musicians.haha!

*rejab is here :)


hanaa (: said...

*adding some cursing words as adjectives* lady ???
details?? gagagaga

sarah.hani said...

sendiri mau isi la ;p

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