Sunday, 7 June 2009

selamat malam dunia

its a saturdy nyte.
im so tired.
bt stil.choose to blog
am i gud or wut.haha :)
went to felda sungai koyan 3,raub,pahang todyy.
abg apin kawin.
d pics upload lter eh,along.
hm,juz got home 4rm cheras.tmrow is kak siti noor's wedding lak.
so,will b dere d whole day.
til its tyme 4 me to head to casa
aftr posting dis,im goin to cntinue to pack up.
choose to blog 1st,as i am goin to close up my lptop n place it in d bag ody.
its d end.dah habis.holidayy ku :]
ouh wt..
lots to look 4ward evntho sem3 is strting.
ada bday org yg perlu di plan.hah!:p
ok.better get goin.

murano needs a,do i :)

ouh nt to forget

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