Sunday, 14 June 2009

banana, the new friend?

dila: wehh aku gemuk. tgk ah i look big in this jeans. urghhh!
hani: ishh mne ada. aku lagi ah gemuk okayy. i gained weight. kau kurus!
dila: enough with the comfort words. kau kurus,aku gemuk.
hani: ehh kau. ngesss!
*nama dan watak hanya rekaan semata-mata :P

gain weight? ohh to be precise, its been my all timer concern.
and i know im not alone. you. yes you..don't deny it.

spot this very interesting article in the news paper last week. how to lose weight.
read the typical one. about workout, exercise. but this is something diff.
banana had been one of the HOT sold out fruits in Japan now.
they name it, Japanese Morning Banana diet. and claim we can lose pounds easily.
*well, its what they wrote okayy.


  1. Eat a banana or two for breakfast. the sooner you eat the better as it will turns up our metabolism. and yeah, it work better with a glass of room temperature water. *MILO? pengorbanan. :(
  2. There are no restriction for lunch. tapi if dah diet, buat lah cara nak diet. a sensible,healthy meal will be just nice with room temperature water. Avoid fried,processed food. well,they said, avoid :P
  3. Have a snack at 3pm. at last! something sweet. and its the only sweet we are 'permitted' all day during this diet plan :O
  4. Dinner shall be taken BEFORE 8pm. and no eating is 'permitted' *again* after that on this banana diet. and of course,its shall be a healthy meal. duhh :S
  5. And go to bed before mid night. i find this the hardest step of all (:
OKAYY. done.
to be honest, i never tried this. i wanted to. but then, come to think.

mana nak letak milo ice, tues,thurs pasar mlm foods. nikmat, kn sarah?
and yeah sleep before midnight? its nearly imposible (:

actually sarah. aku tgh bosann thp max. sebab tu post something yg out of league. maaf eh

*have fun try this out. and if its work. do tell me.


sarah.hani said...

i can realy sense ur boredom ;D

but..sesuatu yg ilmiah.kot.ok r tu ;)

fura said...

Wahh bagusnye tips,thankss!

farhan ahmad said...

haha !
yes,i admit i do hv the same problem

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