Friday, 5 June 2009


dats 4rm me to u.
i hav such a hectic lifestyle wheneva im in classes.
now,im spending my last days of my wonderful holiday.
dun come n bug me wif small,lil,annoying things.
i'll go.fine.close case.
i'll go, i do smile for the world :)
my reason 4 not wanting 2 go.seems so not valid 4 u.
so,fine.keep on assuming.
ur assumptions. however, are not valid 4 me tho.
sorry :)
n yea,SAM myte not b as tough as a medicine course.
bt babe.SAM is not alvl style.
so,at my age.if it was u wif ur alvls.
im sure.u hav lots of juz hav fun during weeknds.un less it was d exam weeks
howeva, im nt sorry 4 SAM.
but yea,its my holidays.a break 4 juz two weeks.
so,dun eva ruin it ain't making me happy.
thank you :)

*i love people around includes plz..i dun bug u during ur, do d same 4 me :)*
family has its own league in my life. remember that ;)

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