Saturday, 30 May 2009

buka mata,lihat dunia

ayte ayte
just came home 4rm a day of loongg walk.
thanks wei :)
at d end of d day.
walked back alne to fakha took d monorail route back to sentral
got some ppl's brthdy presents.n my new earphne!
goin bck dis sem3.wif my mp3 on again ;)

approx 50mins to do plain walking :D
such an interesting route 4rm ts-klcc me LOTS! of freaking funny behviour teens walking around
i shud call dem.boyans.haha :)
intan,if kau ada bersama td.we'll create more sweet memories uh :))
so,yea.dese r few dialogues i heard which made me smile;
1. "wei.kwn2 aku pggil aku 3B kot.bontotbesarbergaya" -girls in toilet
2. "wei,mak aku tepon ni.apa nak buat" "ouh ouh.biar je wei.biar miscal" -apa jenis kawan r ni
3. "hi" -d same normal mamat scene
4."kita kena lari tau wei.tukar bju semua ni" -kept me wondering 4 awhile
so yeah,d 4th d tren opens it door at w.maju.i saw 5gurls.running down d stairs.straight into d toilet.n wen i was waiting 4 dady 2 pick me up.saw diff n decent attires.heading nowadys..
^ ouh n yea.went into klcc tday.evnthough i was rushing to go home 4 yea.i embraced that it has been MONTHS since i was dere ;D
^ ouh ouh! i met a *i dunnoe wut to call him* man.he painted himself all silver.n sat in4rnt of sgwang area.tmpt yg org slalu buat breakdnce tu.*post his pic later eh* ;)

overall,tday's outing.was me.being kinda jakun,awkwrd,tired,n jakun again.haha.hnestly,rindu ibu kota. =)

intan is helping out 4 some relay-cancer-bkt jalil-charity thing for tday n tmrow.her work shifts are 8-10pm n 4-6am.n yea,she did say.if she culd telepathy back home.she'll definitely do it ;) but im sure she's having fun nw.cnsidering d anita s'wk's cncert.haha.okk.if i culd telepathy wif her.i got lots to talk to kau :)

>>you belong with me -taylor swift<<


intan.nur.hadilah said...

haha. 3B. wow, ko rse aku layak tk jd 3B.

nur sakinah said...

amboi sarah.
dating npk!

sarah.hani said...

intan:i've nothing to say.haha :P

kina: aku x bersalah.terima kasih.wei wei! dslr ko tu.amat berguna dlm j2 ;D

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