Thursday, 21 May 2009

seronok two.

akhirnyaa dh recover. its a miracle!
all the colour fonts are back.
but then we still on level one; the beginner.
sila beri tunjuk ajar.
itu yang mengelabah sikit. maaf eh

anyway, who ever else than sarah who read this,
please which me goodluck fr tomorow.
never know whats gonna happen. okay cuak.
its like a time bomb waiting to explode.
am i using the correct terms sarah?

okay! 10 words to figure out. 10 words that represent three years. get it?
no? FINE :D


1 comment:

sarah.hani said...

xde org nk wish goodluck kat aku ke? haha ;)

10words of 3yrs.uhh.thinkingthinking

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