Monday, 25 May 2009

hye ahmad sabri.

haha! okay. a friend. an old friends of ours. but sarah's is older (haha,nak jugak.) so,after quite a loong time since we last met him. so we decided to meet up! :) so yeah, dont eat at mydina's. sarah and i totally boycott that place. DONT. just dont okay. ada rambut dlm chutney aku. EWWW. and they cut the straw. double EWWW. the place was as HOT as..hurm,tak nak mention. nnt sarah envy. HAHA.

ouh we saw a man.jakun tgk big apple,sarah took a pic of him :))
then we went to arcade. okay.its doesnt sound THAT weird right. cuba notice muka sarah yg full-of-enthusiasm! ;)

sabri VS sarah hani
result: 6-6
*and i lost to sabri. 7-10. okay congrats sabri.
p/s: thats not gonna be the last time.
* muka intan in despair :D

sarah won the 2nd place. amazed! :P at least im third. and you sabri?
'ohh stereng dia tak best, screww dah hilang.'
yeah yeah sabri. itu kata-kata orang yg menang 4th place.

so till we meet again ahmad sabri. take care.


hanaa (: said...

e eyh! d baju i baought for u! wheee.hahaha

sarah.hani said...

eyh farah hanna! hi stalker ;P

ouhh i won 2nd place.nak hadiah? ;) hm, sbri.i was leading in d air tennis game.intn distracted me wif her photoshoot sessions.ishh ;(

Anonymous said...

sarah: lets hv a rematch ok!
intan: ill take you on anytime!

masih lgi x puas hati sbb kalah


intan.nur.hadilah said...

haha, ape CER sabri? okay tak? HAHA.

alarhh, anytime wehh.
i'll make sure 10-5. 5 fr u FYI.

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