Friday, 8 May 2009

selamat datang manusia sekalian alam haha

ouh haha
great great
got to know
this blog is read by ppl
around me
touched maybee?
greetings people

so,its friday.
1st time.
come on9 at sentral
finished up my bio report
n email-ed it to sen
while waiting 4 intn here

got my test results backk..
as i started cursing phys during d test
i knew it
dat my phys tesst marks will be d worsst.
my other marks were not superb too..
to make a come back
for d end sem2 exam
nxt 2weekss
alott to cover
n i am juzz rushing out of time

going to prepare my Cv tday
n submit my application to mrs hoe nxt week
will still continue to hope for any uni call back interview
nt wanting to juz see my frens fly
i want to go tooooOo

okk off now.
buhbye--buhbye.bye bye now *tagline monash.haha

1 comment:

intan.nur.hadilah said...

ohh dah expose eh.

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