Sunday, 13 February 2011

Do remind me. Thankyou.

Alhamdulillah, its the second semester already.
A step closer to the long-aiming goal.

To be honest, im terrified to step into this semester.
Its a well known crucial semester where we are being acknowledged to give THE BEST that we can for pass this semester.

" Semester two is the killer semester. Its the semester where it bring people down. 8 to 10 of you here might not pass the end semester exam and will have to repeat foundation one"

And guess what, I never ever wish to be one of those 8 to 10 people. NEVER.
Yes, i know. No one wants that, but you see im kinda a layback person where sometimes i dont really care bout how serious things are.For example i dont really care if i really follow the format of a assignment, i dont really put much effort to know when is the due date for the next assignment until most of my friends fuss around bout it.

But for this case, its really something that i look forward not to face it. Only HE knows how terrified i am if i ever have to repeat foundation one. I will not only dissapoint myself if i do, but i know there will be one person that will be so disappointed in me more than anyone else even more than i do. MY MUM. and not in thousand years, i will ever let that be. She had sacrifice a lot. And i think its my time to pay for that.

So this is a public statement. I will actually change my attitude. Know what my priorities are.
Study real dead hard. Ignore those unnecessary stuff. Less social networking. Less wasting time. I will change my mind set to, "Shut up, you are annoying" to " Thanks for the info, I need to know that eventually " when sometimes my friends discuss bout something that i have not yet study and memorize.

Sometimes you have to tell people what you're aiming for and your planning just to make sure they keep reminding you if are actually starting to walk the opposite way.

And for that i want to thank HIM for giving me such great friends who actually care about me so much. For a friend who keep reminding me and will drop any comments whenever he thinks i online to much.

" Intan ingat UK UK UK! Study rajin rajin :)" - Hadinur

" Intan study study study" -Sabri, whenever i accidentally appear online on Skype

" Jangan download banyak sangat game, sem ni crucial" - Amirul

Even tho, you feel annoyed at first but i know its for my own good :)
And suprisingly, these two people who leave me a goodbye message, not to actually take care of myself. but their last message before boarding was,

" Kau belajar baik baik, aku pun. sayang kau. take care "- sarah hani

" You belajar rajin rajin, jangan malas malas okay?"- ahmad muzzammil

Well those text might not sounds that significant to you. But for me, its really did touched me.
Thank you. i love you people significantly :)

I need to put my spiritual up tight too as well my mentally strength. InsyaAllah :)
Semester two, here we go.


Shokat said...

Good luck! You can do it! =)

intan.nur.hadilah said...

Thanks shaukat. doa kan aku weh

and kau pun, belajar rajin rajin sem baru! :D

padle said...

blaja weh!

ahmad said...

xyah UK,hipsters go tu OZ

intan.nur.hadilah said...

Ahmad: nak main snow kt UK :p

Padle: ye saya akan, kau juga :)

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