Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Kisah Januari.

had been a great starter for my 2011.

Why? because im on my sem break. and duhh Sarah Hani is home.
And so many other things happen. Life-turning decision and things. Okay, its sounds heavy but yeah, for real :)

Macam boleh kira bila je tak lepak or jumpa dgn sarah dalam masa 31 hari dlm Januari. lepas.
Every evening keluar. Pergi lah mana mana, asal kan keluar. Orang keluar jogging, kteorg lepak mamak. Bagus. Dengan alasan, sport shoes tertinggal kat Vista. Even tho, rasa mcm asyik makan makan dan makan. sambil online, but just pray for metabolism to kill those fats.

Nak pulak, sarah hani dah dapat lesen kan. Memang takde nya lah nak duduk rumah senyap.
Tangan gatal nak pegang stereng. So, one wish dlm life list dah di-tick. DONE.

As i said before, did I? perhaps maybe some where. Im currently indulge with my Tumblr much. Spent most of my break on Tumblr and COP report. Report yg menyusahkan hidup itu.
What i LOVE about tumblr is too many to be listed. It my place where i feel, " I dont care what you think". Following other peoples' cool Tumblr who are some completely stranger to me some how changes my perspective of seeing things. Sometimes,you would see how many things all of us have in common that we barely realized it. It helps you to be more optimistic in life.
For me, its not bout how many people follow you, or how many people reblog you. Its just purely bout what you want to share,feel or anything. Followers or post re-blogging are just the bonus part of Tumblr.

January, i met some BIG decision in life. Something that i think i should be doing for so long. Inspired by Tumblr, Strengthen by a song, Jar of Hearts- Christinna Perri. It might sound ridiculous to you. But yeah. Im moving forward. Avoiding leaving scars on anyone.

Dilemma love life itu pasti ada. HAHA. Shock by a 'crazy' statement from a friend. Okay.

Had a 2 days trip to Genting with IMU friends. Its was great, had lots of fun.
Sabiq tanpa kau, mesti tak se-teruja mana dengan Genting tu X)

Ikut Sarah jumpa kawan kawan Taylors di OU. Kteorg try main softball dekat rooftop OU.
Berdasarkan pencapaian semua orang, Sarah lah yang paling cool sekali hit the ball. So advice aku, kalau Sarah tengah badmood/PMS jangan datang dekat sangat :p

I love hanging round with HER friends. They seems way 'normal' than mine. HAHA.

Its February already. February is nightmare. Its is the month where Sarah will be back to Syndey. and Most of my left-over Melawatians will be flying off too. Inuzaila, Aliah. and not forgetting, Ahmad Muzzammil. Have fun in OZ people :)

Okay enough for now. xXx

" Dont keep too much distance from your love ones, or else they'll learn how to live WITHOUT you"

P.s : Sarah, kalau aku hantar kau gi KLIA. I'll promise not to cry again. Being left twice, wont be that hard as the first. Take care sayangg xP


Anonymous said...

sarah jgn nangis.. skype ade :P
tiap2 hari ko leh tgk intan :P

sarah hani said...

: being left twice? awwh..mana ada okay..its just another 9months wei :D :P

intan.nur.hadilah said...

Anon: haha, bukan sarah ah weh. aku yg takut burst out :p

Sarah: haha, sama je lahh. 9 months. bersalin sorang lagi baby. hahah :p

fafa said...

friendship value yang awesome :D

Ahmad Muzzammil said...

thnx babe im touched.hwever im not the first one to messup rith ur ip4 inbox.nnt kita viber eh b :)

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