Saturday, 4 December 2010

From Oz to KL.


Yes, baby. She's back. She's in Melawati. And im not dreaming.

Well,perhaps some of you would notice how sometimes i like to announce thing. duhh.
But yeah, this is something i cant stop myself to make another mild announcement.
* I shall avoid those 'drum rolls'*
SARAH HANI is back for 2 month. Twooooooooo month! ;)
At last after quite sometimes, i feel the presence of TRUE friends near me. Physically,of course.
Obviously we keep updating stuff trough the net, skype and etc. But for her being within reachable distance, it feel so much different :)

Back on Wednesday morning. Met her after long 9 month.
It was awkward actually. Nervous. huhh. Its like," Hi Sarah? "
Do we shake hands? Cant rememeber. BUT. what the heck. shaking hands? haha
And mummy was like, " ehh tak peluk-peluk ke nangis pun ?"
HA HA. Okay, dalam hati tuhan je yg tahu. Malu :')

Sarah Hani, baik hati. Dia belikan saya souvenir dr OZ. Terima kasih Kak Hani. I love you? ;)

ELMO pyjamas pants. Comel kan? *angguk*
No, i dont collect Elmo stuff. Its just happend this was on sale kot. Isn't it sarah?
HAHA. i love you AGAIN.

I <3> Sydney tee.
Aku still terkilan kau beli size S instead of XS.

Ripcurl flip flop.
Confirm ada yg mcm, : " Eleh, ni pun boleh beli kat Pavi"
No no, lain. So are we done here? Great ;)

When she's here, there nothing more i can wish for currently. I feel complete.

P.s : Percubaan utk post in full English telah gagal. GAGAL. Rasa mcm skema gila. haha

pp.s: Sengaja je guna Pavi. Bukan bujet tp since vid " dia pilih KLCC dowh" ada, rasa KLCC mcm rempzzz gila. rempzz=rempit? Eww. ok whatever Intan -,-


hidayah said...

i bg pilihan KLCC ke i? nk wat cmne i xpenting dowh :P

sarah12345 :) said...

: eh ngess! seriously :| d price tags,aku lupa nk cabut weii.haha.bkn sengaja tauu..n nges...xyh tgk hrga discount r..tgk harga ori eh? :P

intan.nur.hadilah said...

hidayah: HA HA. kiddo yg ntah apa2 lawak nya. remaja :p

sarah12345 :
haha, aku tk kisah. asal kn,ikhlas?

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