Friday, 6 August 2010


a paper cut and defects.konsep ini mudah :)
a normal skin.gelabah sgt.fine ppr cut.RBC rush out capillaries.clotting factor takes place.'injured' finger mcm cacat sikit,sambil nak tggu healing process :)
concept yg mcm gmbarkan life kn? *a very random thought of mine*
n i just got a paper cut siang td.akibat nk cepat sgt =='

last tuesday.i got two parcels from mumy&dady :D both in accumulation,weigh about 14.5kg..byk kn.haha :D thnx to them,yg bekalkan me with so many food materials..dr cooking paste, instant noodles, sardin, nasi impit *utk raya i suppose* n few more :)biskut pelbagai jenis.jgn kata r x)) thanx mumy,dady

ouh dgn kesempatan ni,nk wish NURUL NADIA binti AZMAN, happy 20th birthday babe :) hope u had fun. n hav a blast yr ahead :)

mlm ni dull? ada few things not falling in place as it should be.maybe life promises me this feeling tnyte..okay goodnyte.i hope tomrow makes me feel btter :)

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