Wednesday, 6 October 2010


i just realised the benefits ada juniors nxt yr..n kalau boleh,nak all junior guys :D ;) *xde unsur gatal-ness okayy*
hmm.OSCE needs feels so wrong to practice on those 8 guys *sama batch dgn aku* n it feels so so so wrong to practice on the girls *my housemates*.nasib la,utk 1st yr ni, OSCE is formative..kalau 2nd yr,its summative dah..better ada junior guys,for me to practice on uh ==' MARA dgr rintihan kami *the girls* here..hntar juniors nxt yr.mostly guys :D


Zayana Yusof said...

osce tu apakah?

12345:) said...

ouhh OSCE itu..basicly mcm exam "how good kiteorng boleh ambil medical history patient and perform physcal examination on patients" mcm ada 4stations,8mins for each..tu yg perlukan practices for d examinations ;) so,that..x kaku time perform dkat patients :D
i hope i answered ur Q in detail :D

padle said...

aku xpaam la..explain la yg senang2 sket..

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