Sunday, 10 October 2010

how was your 10oct2010?

i forgot to remind myself to look out for the moment when the clock strikes 10.10am
today is 10.10.10 and it was really a big day
there are ppl who got married,gave birth,passed away..n etc
emotions gone wild.for most of us here.
its always 'THE' perception whereby its a good date,lets make it a good day..
but naah..expectations of having 'the good day' usually ends up as frustrations
ppl's emotion are unstable *most of them,who i encountered tday*
its how you live your day that matters..
it is a special date tday.
but in 20mins time,11.10.10 comes by..
n all that is left of 10.10.10 is memories of your own emotions today :)

happy birthday,
500 days of summer
it was a coincidence :)

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