Sunday, 5 September 2010

Dari beribu-ribu batu jauh nya.


okay weh. ni kira mcm aku bayar hutang video birthday kau lah last year. serius weh.
baru aku faham perasan kau :'( Takpelahh. its a once in a life thing. APPRECIATE this.
malu i tau. haha. okay. BYE :')

yesterday was,

sarah hani's 19th birthday!

wow besar nya gambar comel kau!

first year celebrate big day kau kat perantauan. jauh dari aku, family.
i feel a little helpless weh, coz every year there must be something yang crappy i did fr you.
buat buat card bagi every one tulis. its been a 3 years tradition. but this year, sadly ianya agak susah utk direalisasikan. maaf babe :'(

thank youuu Lokman, Azra, Ernie, Helma, Athirah. if aku miss sesiapa, thankyouuuuuu.
if im the daughter to MAS airline owner, you know i'll try my best to fly and knock on your door to sing you a happy birthday song. To actually hug you tight, cam whoring on your birthday night and out to have anything you are craving to eat for. everything you wanna do. last year was superb. ingat tak vid motor? :)
Sorry ada benda yang buat kau tak happy this year. It was unexpected thing to happened when original plan falls apart.
Happy belated 19th birthday sarah hani. Till we meet again. Take care.

Your far-away best friend who miss you every day,

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