Wednesday, 5 May 2010


sometimes we forget.

we forget to appreciate things that are in front of us. not until they were gone. we are to busy looking for something we dont have.

and you. you disappointed me.
you were busy looking for your self, you said. but you forget without her at the first place. you will never ever be HERE.
you were busy looking for your true love,a partner of your life. but you forgot that you have hers since the day you were born.

kenapa hati kawan lain reti nak jaga, tapi hati mak sendiri susah sangat?

you were lucky enough. i feel the pain. i watched the tears.
and you? busy looking for the WHY answer. too busy being dramatic. too busy for yourself.
everybody made mistake. stop blaming people. and take your own responsibility of it.
im still searching for myself as well,but at least i know my limit.

"berapa banyak pun harta kita ada, kain kapan je benda yang paling mahal kte boleh beli tuk parents kte bila meninggal, canggih mana pun phone kita, tak kan dapat dengar suara dorang sampai bila-bila"
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