Friday, 14 May 2010

May Allah be with us

so,was browsing through my picture edit n make a collage of our apparently.picnik n this uws internet barrier has some un-solved,i cant edit n make them look nice :) so,among hundreds *there might be thousands tho* of our pics..i chose the very last pic of us last hmmm 3+months ago :) missing you weii =]

so,for your finals ni..i didn't send back any goodluck card or charm..or even hiring someone to put up a goodluck banner dekat akasia tu....but i suppose the goodluck aura has reached u..since the day ko duduk trials :) i know your difficulties *maybe not all* sejak ko masuk intec..n aku hope..utk finals ni..ko dh dpt cover balik smua tu..gain confidence..keep the exam momentum all the way till 29jun2010 :)

aku tahu kau boleh buat.aku mahu kau buat sehabis baik.all the best,intan nur hadilah :)

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