Tuesday, 19 January 2010

hollywood bebeh! haha

im so-frigging-excited to blog on this post x)

so..staying at home.is simply a boring routine right now.i've been in frnt of d tv.almost half of d day.n d other half? duhh..its here.wif my lappy :)

i've watched the golden globes.THRICE.haha.im not d person to watch it straight 3 hours..bt yea..i've seen parts of the award ceremony.so,this morning.alone.on d sofa.turned on 712.haha.i watched the red carpet part.i saw mariah carey n her outfit yaww.but dat didnt really caught my attn.;) after watching the E! cast at d red carpet.i had a thought..i want to act! haha.mesti seronok kn..ok.mayb not forever.mayb a day or two wuld b super fine! haha.i just want to feel how it is to b a REAL public figure =D so..angan-angan japp..i want to be sarah walker in CHUCK.haha.her acting in dat series.is superb.for me :) its like a package..to b able to act as sarah walker.i suppose.i'll b able to act in saspens,romantic-comedy mvies.its like 2-in-1.haha.

moving on...so you think you can dance! tonight is d season finale.repeat..d 2008 show.i know..ketinggalan zaman..but still..haha.every tues nyte.for two hours.i'll b so amazed.watching them dancing.like nobody's business.againn..just now.d last show..made me felt.that i want to become COURTNEY! haha.she's not d winner.bt i think she has d right dance moves.evntho she doesnt hav d slim body.but i think her chubby-ness..made her looked good dancing.haha.trust me.its not me alone.who adores her dance moves.haha :P *agak sahih* ;) google-up yourself.to see who's courtney.but i've attached.two videos..

their moves are cool-io ;)

ouh! biggest loser asia.
haha.your confession is like
to all ASIANS =))

i dream big just to create wild-imaginations.
to kill boredom..
but i know.im stil sarah hani.at the end of d day :)

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