Tuesday, 5 January 2010


updates uh? free from SAM.staying at home.getting stuffs done for my driving license
screaming loudly in a silent tone
you see.currently.im in a limbo.ok.not a limbo,limbo.its just..i stil place some hope.a lil bit.not showing tho.cz im tired of being let down.im in d middle now.there r 2 particular,distinct groups.the ones who r preparing stuffs to make their wayy off.n d other ones who r settling down here.im nowhere in both YET.i wil eventually come to one of the side.n i think im more towards staying here.but you see..i'v yet to get myself in place.to get d fact right.i managed to do so.once.dat dy.but this 'placing hope' mood kept coming back.ouh! dere is dis very distinctive group of people voicing stuffs to me.like every now n den.i think dey r d ones who keep placing dat 'hoping' mood in me.cant anyone get d fact dat its realy difficult? enugh of those wisdom words.thank you all.but i think,its better to make me realise the reality 4rm now on.help me to b ready.cz im so far from d 'acceptance' finish line.maybe the pressure is really hard now.d uniS r back in d move.placing out offers whereva dey want.n im just waiting,hoping.if ever one day..my gmail account do have an offer in it 4 me.n if ever Allah grants me,my 1.5yrs wish...but if not.i believe there r good-solid-hidden reasons y i hav to stay back here to perform medicine.family,friends,pets.

so,still wondering what my days r now? im d girl in d middle of this whole depressing situation.it definitely doesn't feel good to be like this now.

ouh to my other buddies! do good for your 2nd call from JCU.my prayers r for all of u.

wondering whats d meaning of those words in my title??

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your piggy-twinny said...

sometimes theres no right words words to make them understand. so baby, you must know those wisdom words will never ever stop be told to you because we CARE. and its not easy fr me either to see you in this way. BUT weh, your HOPE had save you today! you are leaving me soon. see, i know THIS day will come. i know :(


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