Monday, 11 January 2010

update goes on.last 8th jan.there was an award ceremony for ppl who scored staight 5As n merit(a20) students.back to MPH.i was one of those students who got d merits tho :) *ordinary one here* okayy.i was stil nervous to attend dat award in spite of the 1.5yrs in tylors.haha.mayb bcz of the presence of you parents? haha.agk,tylors gave out a piala yg kalau-baling-kat -tikus,tikus-pun-mati :D berat gakk ah bnda tu.

okayy.d uni stuff.its good for now.did my application for d accomodation,hpefully all 5 girls.r placed in the same house.making our life they will b able to cook 4 me.good foods.haha:D our place wil b on campus.decided on dat.n wil live wif it.for a yr..n den,v'll think of smething afta d 1st yr..d guys pun most probably wil b at d same dere r no seniors,i suppose.evryone wants to play safe n xnk leceh2 ;D

ouh yestrdy~ AJL-24.aizat song won d grand is a great one.d performnce n d song ,itself :) faizal tahiR's performnce best gak.ouh wel.overall,yesterdy nyte's event.was full of gimmick ;D likey :)

tomorrow.starting my driving clas.2 hours,i think.not sure..rushing thru get my P license b4 flying off =)

if ever this earth can rotate a lil bit slowly.

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