Thursday, 14 January 2010

yuan yu fang.

"NASIB ADA UWS" (lala,2010)
ouh wow.haih..apa kan daya.
bukan semua peminat kita

if x suka.jgn cntinue baca blog ini dh =) okayy.for whoever sincerely cares..

uni updates again.boring much my life now.revolves around it..ouh i said.ppl who really cares.will read this accomodation is almost aprtmnt.dlm campus :) went to T dis fetch my afidivit n ConfirmationOfEnrollemnt.need them to get 50% off d usual price of a 5yrs pasport.=D so,wil b doing my paspport,dat i can move on wif my visa next week.ouh n med check up stil cant decide.whether i shud get a new specs.*a back-up one*..before i go..,i slept over in akasia last nyte.just for the sake of FUN.haha.i didnt want to go to s.jaya.n collect the above mention stuffs.n back,i decided to put a nyte in shah alam.n d nxt morng,head on to,dats wut i simply did.n im safe back home =) this time.i shud thank i felt so lucky..evntho i had to run for some bus its like no waiting for d bus session.rapidKL was really rapid;fast.haha.KTM still disappoint me.but i brought aiman's book,it wasnt a real torture to see those delays on the timeboard.reached s.alam around 4pm.n waited for lokmn to look for d ole2 famous shopping mall :D alan was wif him.n surprisingly.alan is actually my long-lost-i-dunt-realy-know-you-before-this FRIEND! haha.he was wif me in mrsm kkb.i did recognized his face tho.didnt change much :) so,v headed to some foodcourt.intn brought us hav some ais kacang.den to mcD 4 dinner ;) ouh ouh! kini,tamat lah kempunan prosperity beef.haha:D

ouh satu perkara
sarah hani
sangat tak gemar.
apabila di kacau.
time makan dan tidur.
i thought you know

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