Thursday, 28 January 2010

are u having your dinner?

HI silent blog & to all readers ;
so,my visa is all set.d medical check up report is done.
d official offer letter 4rm mara should be here by tomorrow.still i doubt that :)
im in a 24hours game right now.midnyte to midnyte.
till now,it's still ok to live with dere r stuffs making the time kill :]
bout d kuala gandah trip; its all cancel.for now.mumy n dady gave me a choice to choose.but,i ended up deciding to just cancel it off :)
i am in a very tough position now.somehow.i think i am being punished for being me.ouh that so wrong? its so tiring to please people.when A is happy,B is not.n it continues to be vice versa.n me,C? haihh..i just cant wait to get over this phase of life.where others r more teruja than seriously not enjoying this treatment.i dislike being cared of secara melebih-lebih.
n i am very sure.this whole phase of ppl has nver seen a diffrnt part of me.
so,alright sarah with it.embrace =)
n d 'tingtong' tone.doesn't mean d same person texted me.thank you.

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