Tuesday, 2 February 2010

tick tock tick tock

muka excited sarah hani and intan nur hadilah

the clock is ticking. fast. time wait for no man.
gasping for air. damn, its less than a month to A-LEVEL trial.
and so far? not good ENOUGH. just not good enough intan.
and i miss blogging.

sarah hani, sorry lah if aku pressure kau that day sampai kau tak ter-update :p

and broadband buat pasal dah.
you have reached your maximum bandwidth. to continue surfing, please topup your quota volume. $%^&*(&%$#.
MEREPEK lahh weh. sejak bila plak. tak nak lah cakap banyak. nanti kena saman.
so i'll be off for the mean time. take care dunia maya. sobsob :'(

24th jan: zorbing was fun ;)

thanks to Bistro for the wifi.
yes,im desperate.

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