Wednesday, 17 February 2010

so sad but true.

goodbye kuala lumpur (!)
farewell sarah hani.

" i know these time will come, but i never know it will felt this way."
( Yazmir,2009)

itu status FB yazmir satu ketika dulu, the day before he flew off to Bangalore.
we were touched by that, kan sarah? somehow we know, today will come.
the day to your new life begin in Sydney. siapa yang tak nak study overseas, kan?
the day you learn how to be totally independent.
so, after this sarah. your weekend instead of planning hang out dekat klcc, pavy yang dah penuh dengan boyan or OU yang dah bosan. aku dah buat list weekend kau:
1.Cohunu Koala park
2.Tumbulgan Farm
3. Armalade Wildlife and Reptile Centre
4.Art Gallery of Western Aust.

source: western australia attraction, Google.

but then, come to think, better gi klcc yang bosan dari visit Art Gallery tu. mungkin bila kau dah bosan post gambar dengan koala or kangaroo dekat FB nnt, aku redha kau gi art gallery tu.

yet, the down side will be ;

i will not see every weekend. which lead to i'll be losing the half me.
saya tidak segan atau malu untuk menyata kan bahawa hidup saya akan menjadi lame, boring,nerdy and less fun. but not totally un-cool after this.

siapa nak teman aku jalan satu KL tanpa complain jalan jauh,penat atau sebagainya yang mengudang penyesalan kenapa lah aku ajak orang tu keluar.
siapa nak layan aku kutuk orang on the spot. or bila aku jumpa abang hot dalam lrt/ktm/etc.
(..............and a long list to mention.)

even though the technology make the world smaller, yet it will never be the same.
the fact is, i've been too dependant on you. dari biology assigment aku sampai lah ' should i choose Ali or Abu' (bukan nama sebenar) :D

They said, change is inevitable. yes, i get that point straight. people come and go. we move on. we know new people. we have new friends. but they are certain people who you want to stuck with for the rest of life despite how much you hate them sometimes/think they are complicated/i wish i never know you. but at the end of the day, you know its that person who will stand by you for whatever mistakes you had made, for the tears and fear because they dont judge you.

Darlin its not easy. But its not the end of our story. its just one of those new chapters. we were just about to fall even more in life than we were before. but i wont forget :)

withLOTS love,
letting you go. its time for me to face the fact and stands on both feet
take care piggy-twinny

a post will never enough to describe how much i'll be missing you.


fiDa yO said...

dpt gi sydney??
intan,dun be sad..
its part of our life,trust me!

kina said...

sarah pergi uws la intan. bkn uwa. uws dkt sydney tp jauh dr perth

.w a n e e. said...

post ni sgt sgt sedih!sometimes words are not enough to describe what we feel inside.
anyway, wishing sarah goodluck and congratulations.

intan.nur.hadilah said...

kina- HAHA. weh geografi msia pun aku fail. jgn cite lah aust. aku copy paste dr google je :p

fida- dia dah gi dh semlm :(
ohh yes. i'll try to adapt soon

wanee- sarah ckp thankyou :)
kan? words are never enough.


Anonymous said...

auchh.. touching seyh post nie...
btw, all d best sara! ;)

intan.nur.hadilah said...

aimi- thanks sebab baca cik aimi :)

sarah12345 :) said...

awww :( :P
baca balik.buat aku sedih pula.haha :D
i am now really missing you,piggy twinny :(

intan.nur.hadilah said...

babe, aku pun baru baca balik smlm

i miss you too BADLY

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