Thursday, 13 January 2011

thoughts become things.

what else is there to think about? when you keep on thinking about the issue and there's no ending to it *at least for d near future*.u hav been thinking about it for many months..talked about it yesterday.n today,u are back to d thinking phase.
so,what's next?

u dont know the answer,no one else knows too.its not too early to think about are aging as days pass by.its a serious matter that you hav to spend some time thinking about it,because u dun't want to end up like certain people.

the current game plan?

for now,lets stop thinking about it.lets just be like others.but always remember,u were good being a miss,cntinue playing ur role well.get to know more people,just in day.u might need them.feel secure for now.let the years pass by.and you shall pray more to Allah.

----forever might end tomorrow---

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