Sunday, 9 January 2011

Goodbye Facebook?


First time online Fb kejap td, tengok mcm kecoh je news feed.
Apparently, a news spread about Facebook is closing down this 15 march 2011.
Quite a number of people on the friend list share a link of it.

Funny huh? First impression, i was like, OMG serius? Mcm lawak gila je.
No i dont go crazy, crying over, sobbing out lout, WHAT IM GONNA DO NEXT WITH MY LIFE?! But seriously, Dont you think people like this would actually exist?

So i Google bout it. And they said it was rumours. [here]

" Spreading on the news that Facebook is going down on 15th March, is like talking bout the world gonna end in 2012"

Jangan lah cepat melatah. Im not a complete Facebook maniac or freak, but come clean i did log in everyday unless i have no access to the net or im way too busy with more important things.

Im sure some how Facebook had influence your life.
Yes i do get the point where some people dont really like FB. They joy over this news. But ironically, i can see they also do online everyday.

I dont dare to comment more on serious issue on how those issue created by Fb user.
Isu fitnah, maruah dan sebagai nya. Yeah, bad things happened.

Tapi benda yang remeh temeh,

Ada yang mengaku, Fb kekadang bagi 'tekanan perasaan'. Alarh, benda alah yang kita describe as peer pressure. Sebab Fb, boleh buat orang lain gaduh, cemburu tengok life orang lain.
Improving life tips: Just stop stalking on those people. Cant help yourself? Then its your problem, not Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook is way too boring?
Lepas tu, awat yang awak duk log in? Siapa paksa?

Kenapa Myspace, Friendster dulu okay je?
Because people grow up, time keeps ticking, technology evolve.
If we all move back to those site, Im sure same damage would be done as well.

Apa motif yang cuba disampaikan? Honestly, aku pun tak tahu :p
I guess i just wanna point out those ironic stuff i watch most of the time.
Some things are meant to be fix by yourself.
Kalau betul pun Fb nak shut down, move on with life. Im sure I'll get used to that sooner.



agree with u, fb infulenced lots to people, the good and bad things too. smpaikan ada yg fb maniac segala..

semua kecoh ttg satu link tu, why not they think kenapa tak keluar isu ni dlm paper di negara2 teknologi lain??? kn kn kn?

btw, first time visiting u here dear. take care yaa;)

intan.nur.hadilah said...

Haha, agak lahh. maybe mcm shock kot out of sudden tetiba kn.

Aww thanks fr ur time reading my blog on random :')

take care tooo. will be visiting urs

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