Friday, 24 April 2009

studyleave KOT.

study or leave?
or study leave?

haha, apa aku merepek ni.
2 whole week of study leave is given.
but then, will i be focusing on study? hurmm
okay niat itu penting ;)
am i right sarah hani?
seriously aku TEKAD.
to spend it for studying. okay,whats with that face? o.0
im serious. okayyy,FINE.i'll prove it.

but then, there's way TOO many distraction at home.
mia yg tersangat comel.
mama yg tersangat concern.
nana with her guyS stories and etc.
so, i think
i'll be spending my times at the NATIONAL LIBRARY.
*thanks to sarah who introduce me that peaceful yet boring place ;)*

i want to be like her. *ahaa*
perhh, is it so hard to believe?

i want to see YOU this weekend.

takecare blog. i'll be away for sometimes.



Anonymous said...

auch ! terasa ouu :P

sarah.hani said...

nak jadi aku?
x perlu r wei.

better make use of d study leave
d exam
wont be dat easy

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