Sunday, 19 April 2009

dari aku,untuk semua

blogging in d evening tday
will nt b available tnyte
*lots of sigh**

lots of stuffs to think
testtesttest nxt week.
with my phys report,undone.
ouh.cnsidering my ielts results too
will b taking it afta my chem test
n will b quiet bout it

jumpa kau hari ini
kesimpulan: kau,kawan baik aku.

ouh ouh.
tday onii..
i've heard 5x "kiss me through d fone" song..
naik muak dh
"dead n gone" is stil top 4 me =)

ouhh n 1 more thing
i've talked bout my principle this morn
n i found this just nw..
smething to remindd myslf. :)
be a good girl 1st, before asking for one

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