Friday, 17 April 2009

melawati sihatt

back for the weekend :)

my lptop sewel again
its speaker is not realy functioning dat well
*the RED mute button :(
day b4 ysterdy was nt ok
yesterdy was fine
tday,its back to not okay


hav to wait til im free

to bring it to d shop n get it fix
n wen wuld datt be...i wonder.;D

life schedule has nvr been free
nadia n wani agreed v had too much time

dats y v r nt realy fcus..huh?!~
wheras i am at d opposite side
i dun tink i hav dat much tyme
intan knows.:)

n yeaa..
mind my font size.
choose to have all these words
in small sizes
i think it looks cute

ouhhh yeah.stil cant decide to fllow mumy 2 school or nt
it wuld b realy gud
if intn will b goinn too
ouhh wel.i shal decide tnyte

hope to see you tomorrow


intan.nur.hadilah said...

do i look cute strain-ing my eyes to read sarah?
TAK leh lg SMALL ker font tu?haha.
are u sure u r goin?
duhh rival rival kte tuh.
lg lg si Z tuh.
but then fr the sake of aiman.
u shud

sarah.hani said...

i cant realy decide yet
tgk r cmne tmrow

Anonymous said...

HP Pavilion kowt :D

sarah.hani said...

d picture is to show
d red mute button

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