Monday, 20 April 2009

hear me out

it has been a very hectic day
woke up late
late as in really late..

had my directed investigation *m3* tday..
evnthough it was a group tinggy
it was really full of tense
evry1 was helping out
bt at d end
u r actually juz alone doing it
aftr tcher went out of clas
v were like gasping 4 air *exxageratingg*
like as if..
v were nt breathing in that 50mins
it was nt tense~
n tmrow,
will b d individual session.
i wonder how tough wuld it be..

i shud nt be blogging tday
wif my tests n all..
but i am
cz i cant express dat much tday

n i wonder how ppl wuld juz easily say:
forgive and forget
4 me,it is not dat easy
when d only thing dat matter is
the TRUST from a friend to a friend
never doubt that;
but,how should i trust u again?
i wonder
n will keep on thinking
to figure things out
cz i stil <3 style you

take care

you are MY person

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